The healing ingredients in natural products surpasses all. Our products are made from pure natural ingredients that revitalise skin and improve overall vitality.

Bethel Flower Lavender Whipped Shea Butter is handmade and homemade with organic or unrefined oils only.
Whipped Shea Butter is softer than raw Shea butter but it is still firm to touch, whipping makes it easier to rub and apply; it does not make it as soft as lotion. Use it sparingly because little goes a long way.

Whipping makes the Shea Butter lighter than raw Shea butter. Please note the volume cannot be correctly determined by a kitchen scale because whipping introduces air. The volume is measured by the capacity of the jar.

*Handmade * Sulphate Free *Paraben Free *Silicone Free *Chemical Free *Mineral Free
Bethel Flower Whipped Shea Butter helps with all types of hair.

Ona Kay
CEO / Founder

Passionate about nature